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About Us

"This is the place that I love the best
A little brown house, like a ground-birds nest
Hid among grasses, and vines, and trees,
Summer retreat of the birds and bees." .

Home is where the heart is. Irrespective of one's economic status everybody nurtures a dream of owing a home. But, ground realities like ever escalating cost of land and material is gradually rendering city living unthinkable for the average homebuyer. Coupled with that is rapid proliferation of unscrupulous builders offering low quality materials and false promise. To bridge this gap of ever increasing demand for a home and the paucity of available choices Mapleleaf was conceived in the year 2013.

With more than 15 years of hands on real estate experience, Mapleaf promises to offer:


To develop superior quality homes at honest prices and make the overall home-buying experience pleasurable for it's customers.


To become a significant player in the value home segment of Kolkata by developing superior quality homes at justifiable prices and providing an hassle free and pleasurable home-buying experience to all it's customers.